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School Fund-Raising Campaigns

Setup Your Fund-Raiser

Each school can use two different web addresses, one for the school hot lunch program and the second for school fundraising. This separation of the two programs ensures that your revenue is tracked correctly and allows you to have different administrators for the hot lunches and for the fund-raisers thus avoiding confusion.

The fund-raising team has their own schedules, suppliers, products, order forms and even their own account balances and optionally different payment rules. Most schools prefer to not accept PayPal for all fund-raisers so you have the flexibility with two web sites to manage the payment rules and features separately from the hot lunch program.

Single User ID for Parents

Parents register once at the primary web site, add their children and can optionally place hot lunch orders. To access the fund-raiser web site there will be a link from the "LOGIN" and "HOME" menu tabs to access the second web site and the parents same user id and password will work on the fund-raiser web site.

Customer Orders

After logging into the fund-raiser site parents can place orders using their existing children's entries or a parent can create a customer entry to place an order for relatives, friends or co-workers. Each order will have a total so that the parents can easily track the amount of money to collect from their "customers".

Order Distribution

The system will generate receipts or packing slips for each order so that you can easily distribute the orders to each family.

Accounting and Revenue

The use of a separate web site means that you can track your revenue and collections separately from the hot lunch money and ensure that all monies are assigned correctly. Each parent will have a single account but purchases and payments made on the fund-raising site are kept separate for ease of tracking.

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Hot Lunches Online

We can't say enough great things about SchoolAppointments! Our teachers love it and our parents are delighted! It's simple to use and it makes everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

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We are so much more efficient now, and arranging parent-teacher interviews has never been easier. Scrambling to juggle and schedule appointments is now a thing of the past for our school.

- Stephan Bibla - Vice-Principal, Lawrence Park CI (Toronto)

Locker Assignment Online

We only wish we had discovered this years ago!

- Kristina Anderson - Head Secretary Fraser Heights Secondary (Surrey)

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